The Mind-Gut Connection

A perspective on stress, nutrition, & mental health ~ The mind-gut, gut-brain connection (whatever you’d prefer to call it) is something I’ve more recently started learning about, and it is freaking fascinating! Therefore, I wanted to compile a little info for you to read so you can learn more about it too, and most importantly…

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Do 6 week challenges actually work?

The short answer, sometimes. The longer answer, this is a loaded question. It really depends how you look at it, and what is actually involved in these “quick” challenges. I believe that “30 day booty challenges” and “10 Day Shreds” don’t work. They make promises that you’re going to see huge results, which may be…

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Why you need Whole Food capsules in your life

juice plus whole food capsules

Unfortunately these are not magic pills, so if that’s what you came here to hear me say – I’m sorry. However, these capsules do create some sort of magic within our bodies, and it’s amazing to learn what they’re doing at a cellular level. These capsules, made up of 33 different varieties of fruits, vegetables,…

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