Why you need Whole Food capsules in your life

juice plus whole food capsules

Unfortunately these are not magic pills, so if that’s what you came here to hear me say – I’m sorry. However, these capsules do create some sort of magic within our bodies, and it’s amazing to learn what they’re doing at a cellular level.

These capsules, made up of 33 different varieties of fruits, vegetables, and berries, help to provide our bodies with the nutrients that it is craving. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting 33 servings of these fruits, vegetables, and berries – but you are getting the micronutrients, enzymes, and phytonutrients from the 33 different varieties!

  • Micronutrients are essential in our bodies – meaning that we cannot produce them, and they need to be obtained through the diet. They are required for our bodies for chemical reactions like energy production, for oxygen transport in our blood, and for many functions of body systems.
  • These whole food capsules are also full of enzymes that are essential to many of our body systems and how they function. Enzymes are used in every chemical process in the human body. In terms of our digestive process for example, enzymes break down food particles and convert our food in order to be available to be absorbed and used by the body.
  • These products also contain a wide variety of phytonutrients. While these are not vital to keep you alive, they help the body to THRIVE! Phytonutrients are only available through plant products and help the body to do things like prevent and fight disease via the immune system, and prevent damage to our cells through oxidation via antioxidants.

As I said, these are not magic pills but they are helping to bridge the gap between what we are eating, and what we should be eating. They by NO means are meant to replace real food, but are meant to flood our body with different varieties of micronutrients, enzymes, and phytonutrients so that it can work in its most optimal state (as mentioned above). So don’t give up eating your fruits and veggies, and don’t use these as a way to avoid eating real food. Instead, use these as a way to help provide your body with as many nutrients as you can!

Another reason why you need these capsules in your life – is because they are 100% bioavailable. Meaning, they are completely absorbed by our guts! Other synthetic multi-vitamins are not 100% absorbed, and instead are removed from your body through the kidneys. What a waste, plus you’re putting extra work on your kidneys for no reason. This is what makes these products different from others on the shelves!

It is also so important to note, these products are completely natural. There are no fillers, no additives, no synthetics – they are quite literally just fruits, veggies, berries, and whole foods. The products are NSF certified, meaning they are held to a standard of inspections, regulations, and testing before they are produced, as well as an on-going process.  AND they don’t have a supplement label, they have a food label! How cool is that!

For nerds like me, these products are the most studied nutriceuticals of their kind at this moment. There are many studies that you can access at your finger tips if that’s something that interests you here. I just love adding this in there because I’m a huge science geek and I understand the importance of peer reviewed studies. This all means that you can be sure and KNOW that you are getting the best, and putting the best products into your body.

Everyone has different experiences with taking these products, and that’s because our bodies are all different. We may be deficient in different areas, and we may need more or less than others. But the great thing about these products is that they work on a cellular level to help our bodies thrive in whatever way they need most!

I thought I ate healthy before, and I didn’t think I needed these products. Yet, since I started taking them over three years ago (along with other lifestyle changes) I have seen an improvement in my digestion – I used to get a stomach ache every day, and now it is more uncommon for me to have an upset system. My skin health has completely improved – I have suffered from acne for my entire post-puberty life, and now my breakouts are minimal, if any. The biggest change however is in my immune system – I have not been sick with a cold or flu since I started taking these, and that is HUGE for me, a nurse, working through a worldwide pandemic!

As I said, everyone has different experiences with these products. We all have our own stories of how these products have changed our lives, and why we will continue to take them for years to come. If you are ready to try these products, check out more about them here or contact me if you have any questions. What will your story be?

Until next time,

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