The Sweet In-Between


Hustle vs. Flow. 

Action vs. Inspiration

Masculine vs. Feminine 

Hard work vs. Surrender 

These all mean the same thing to me, said in a slightly different way to get my point across. In this business world, we see a lot of hustle culture and masculine energy. Always talking about “putting in the work” and “getting shit done”. On the other hand, there is another perspective on the feminine energy, about ease and flow, manifesting and attracting. 

I have been dabbling into both of these perspectives. When I first started my business, I was all in on my masculine energy. I was all about daily and consistent actions, no matter what, and following a set framework because “it worked for everyone else”. More recently, I discovered my feminine energy and felt so deeply connected to working from the feminine perspective. However, I came to a realization that business (and just life in general) takes a mix of both of these energies – because that is how our universe is designed and how it exists.

 It exists in a neutral state, in equilibrium, in duality; it exists as balance. 

This is what I have discovered as the sweet spot, and what I’m coining “the sweet in-between”. 

Let’s dive in:

The Hustle/Masculine Energy 

We live in a world where hustling and grinding, showing up daily with no excuses, and being busy all the time is glorified. I’ve noticed that we are starting to move away from this glorification, however, we have been so conditioned by this way of life – we need to intentionally work to decondition ourselves. 

To me, hustle culture is dead. I am no longer available for late nights, for trying to motivate and push myself every single day, even when I wasn’t feeling it. I am no longer saying yes to things I don’t actually want to do, and I’m over people-pleasing. I don’t love the word hustle but I wanted to use it here to make a point and add to my explanation.

Masculine energy is the hustle. Masculine energy is also so much more – it’s the structure, the actions, and the doing. Yes hustling is dead, but like I mentioned, masculine energy and strategy still plays an important role. 

The Flow/Feminine Energy

To me, to be in flow means to be in complete alignment with the universe and your true self. It means to be in your feminine energy and to completely surrender to receiving all that you are deserving of. To me, this feels so fucking good. This is where I want to be all of the time. I truly believe that it can be this way too. You can choose to build your business out of a state of joy, gratitude, and love – these are the highest vibrations, so why wouldn’t we want to be in this all of the time?  

However it is important to realize, like I mentioned above, that the universe exists in duality and balance. You cannot have one without the other. 

The Sweet In-Between

Now, I have learned a few things that I am ready to share with you regarding the energetics of business:

You cannot build a business by simply wishing and envisioning. You cannot create a business by simply being. You also cannot build a business by simply taking action & hustling without any inspiration or energy to back it up.

Really think about this for a minute. This is something that took me a while to figure out. It isn’t one way or the other, but what it is actually about is finding that duality, that balance, that equilibrium in a way that works for your life and business. 

None of us are the same. We are all unique human beings with different energies, values, dreams, and visions. We all work differently, and think differently, and were literally designed differently. That is why this balance may look different for each of us, and why sometimes the strategies, tips, and tricks that are shared with us do not always work the same way they do for someone else.

Here’s a new perspective that will change the game:

As I said, I truly believe that business can be fun, full of ease, flowy, joyful, and something that lights you up all the fucking time. However, when I say this, I absolutely do not mean that you don’t have to take any actions or do anything. When I say this, what I mean is that you need to do all things from a place of inspiration and high vibrational energy. I mean that everything you do must be backed up with that inspiration and that energy, or you will not be able to build or sustain the business or life of your dreams. 

When you are in a state of inspiration and flow, the actions you take will feel easy. It won’t feel like hard work but it will feel like fun and joy. See, you are still taking action. You are still being consistent. However, you are working in alignment with your energy, you are following what feels good for you. You are finding how you are best meant to navigate the world. This is the balance, this is the sweet-in between. 

So where do we go from here?

I have decided – I have made the conscious decision to follow my inspiration and energy. When I don’t feel inspired to create or work, I don’t at that moment. That doesn’t mean I give up and throw in the towel. It means that I take time to create that inspiration and energy for myself. Because no, we won’t be inspired all the time, but we can create that inspiration for ourselves. For me this looks like doing things I love to help me get back into a higher vibrational state. Sometimes it means resting, sometimes it means going out, sometimes it means meditation or movement, or Reiki sessions, or getting my nails done, or going for a walk in nature. Do you get the gist? This list goes on and this list will look different for you and for everyone individually. How you choose what to do will look different for you. Once I get back into inspiration and high vibrations, then and only then, will I create or take actions in my business. 

I know this is probably hard AF for lots of people to even comprehend. This was hard for me. I didn’t know if I even agreed with this for a long time. BUT I experimented and let me tell you, life is so much freaking better. There is a universal law that states that you must take real, actionable, inspired steps in order to achieve your goals and allow your dreams to manifest in your life (the law of inspired action). Again this reiterates that yes, you must take real action, however that it needs to be inspired. If not, you could be blocking yourself from reaching your goals or your manifestations.

This is the sweet spot I was talking about. That juicy balance between action and inspiration, strategy and energy, masculine and feminine. This balance isn’t always going to be 50:50. This isn’t what I mean by balance – what I mean is that mix of energies. This will vary from person to person, season to season; depending on where you are at each moment. It’s an experiment. And learning this literally changed my life. Learning that I can experiment through it all has been that freedom and flow I have been craving. I fucking love it. 

My challenge to you – go experiment with this new knowledge. Or if you’ve heard it before and are feeling resistance, this is your sign to give it a try. These are some (inspired lol) actionable first steps that you can take right now: 

  1. Take inventory of your business. Are you where you desire to be at this time? If not, why? If you are, why do you think that is? 
  2. Write out a list of all the things you are doing that you have been told or that you think you “should” be doing at this time. Brain dump this out (if you’ve never heard of a brain dump – set a 15 minute timer and write without stopping or thinking)
  3. Audit that list, what is actually lighting you up on there. Keep those. The things that aren’t – ask yourself: can I stop doing this and let it go? If you truly cannot – first, delegate if at all possible. IF that’s not possible – get into that inspired state before taking those actions. If you have a shit mindset going into something, people will feel that energy from you, I can promise you that it will be reflected in your work and in the things you do. So take some notes from what I said above and figure out what helps you get into that high vibrational state, then do that!

If this is inspiring you to take action that is inspired. If this is blowing your mind just a lil… that’s a good thing, I promise.

And if you are wanting to dive deeper into this, deeper into the energetics of business – Join the ALIGNED ENERGETICS community; for the women who desire to do business differently but in a way that still creates the success they crave! Find out more right here or send me a message if you have any questions. 

Until next time – much love

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