Aligned Energetics 2.0

A membership for women who desire to create a life that is aligned with their true self, and who desire to break the rules and pave their own path

Aligned Energetics 2.0

A membership for women who desire to create a life that is aligned with their true self, and who desire to break the rules and pave their own path

Are you looking to ...

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    Create a life that feels easeful and fun, instead of difficult and draining

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    Attract and manifest your dream life in a way that feels good deep down in your soul

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    Break free of all the rules & the “shoulds”, but the thought of doing that makes you feel anxious and fearful

You're in the right place! Sign up for Aligned Energetics 2.0, a membership for women who desire to create a life that is aligned with their true self, and who desire to break the rules and pave their own path

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What if I told you that you could create a business & a life in way that feels juicy and fun, and where you feel in control of your journey?

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Welcome to Aligned Energetics 2.0 ~ a membership container designed to help you do just as it says:

Align your energy in a way that feels good for you in your life and business:  in order to manifest your dream reality, step into your most abundant self, and to simply be able to enjoy every moment of your life and business - because ultimately, this is the goal, isn’t it?!

Whether you are dreaming of a passion project, are brand new to business, or are a seasoned veteran with a full time (or larger) business ~ this space can be for you. This container is about helping you to determine which skills, tasks, & ways of doing life and business resonate with you. This is about learning how to align your energy in a way that will help you prevent burnout and quit the hustle, but in a way that will allow you to take the aligned & inspired action that is correct for you.

We will be diving in from a lens of Human Design, along with many strategic and energetic tools. This membership is all encompassing — a place for you to find your alignment and authentic self.


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What's Included?

- Guest Training's on a variety of topics

- Masterclass Training Modules

- Exclusive Podcast Episodes

- Monthly Connection/Q&A Live Calls

- Access to all past recordings

- A community group where you can connect with and receive/give support from/to other members


This will be a beautiful container where we can explore, expand and energize ourselves, and create magic and joy in our lives and business!

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When Entering this container:

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    You will feel supported and loved exactly where you are at on your journey, and will feel inspired to create magic to up level your life and business

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    You will be surrounded by a group of likeminded individuals who are in the same energetic space as you

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    You will learn how to take inspired and aligned action, without experiencing pressure from external sources

This container is:

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    A space for you to come back home to yourself, before the world conditioned you otherwise

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    A space to feel safe, to explore and experiment, to play and follow your joy

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    A space to do whatever the fuck feels good, and a place where you can discover that based on your UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL energetic design

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The Why

So, why did I create this container?

I was at a breaking point...

I was at a breaking point where I was questioning my business in Network Marketing. I can specifically remember that I started questioning it because I joined a HIGH LEVEL mentorship that I was extremely lucky to be a part of. However, the things that were being taught were not resonating with me at all. I started wondering, is something wrong with me? Am I not meant to be here? Maybe I should do something else? Because honestly, I didn’t feel good doing some of the things we are told we SHOULD do (think things like ~ treating everyone as a prospect, cold messaging 100 plus new people every month, copy & paste posts that weren’t authentic to me, hustle culture, and so on…)

Despite feeling this way, I know I loved the products and program I shared, and the team that I am blessed to work with. I love building genuine relationships, I loved inspiring others through holistic health & wellness. I didn't want to leave this space. So as you can see, I was “stuck” in a predicament; I was loving what I do, but not loving how it’s conventionally done.

Then, as the universe does, I received a sign of what I needed to do. I connected with my now incredible business coach who dove deep with me into human design and connecting with my own energy and my most aligned self. I realized I was right, there is another way to do business (and to do life), and there is nothing wrong with me. It’s okay that I am different, being different and unique is what makes us human. I realized that I can utilize human design along with other energetic and spiritual tools to not only create the business of my dreams, but the life of my dreams.

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I want to empower you to do the same. I felt called to change and to shift because I was at a low point in my business, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Once you realize that you are made differently than everyone else — life becomes an open canvas. We were conditioned, in all aspects of life, that we have to behave a certain way, to do a certain thing, and to take a certain path in order to be successful. I’m here to tell you, that’s not the case. The truth is, we are all unique, and we all have a way our soul wishes to move through this world. It’s up to us to discover that. So instead of listening to all the noise in the external world, let’s work together here to find what works for us individually.

We all wanted to start a business for different reasons but deep down I believe that there is, in all of us, the goal of living an aligned life that is joyful and enjoyable in every moment. When we are aligned is when we attract abundance in every form; wealth, happiness, friendships, love, opportunities, lessons… etc. It sounds so simple and it is, yet it also feels so out of reach. That is because the world has conditioned us to believe differently - but when we come back home to ourselves is when we create MAGIC.

But, is this right for me?

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    This is for you if you are a woman in business or are someone who desires to start her own business/passion project

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    This is for you if you are passionate about human design or are curious to learn more about it and how to apply it

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    This is for you if you have a love for the woo woo & spiritual side of the world

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    This is for you if you simply want to learn to step into your own unique authenticity

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    This is for you if you desire to find alignment in some or all aspects of your life

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    This if for you if you are in search of a community of individuals who share a similar mindset and values

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    This is for you if want to dive in to creating a life the feels so fucking good & joyful in ALL areas, all the time

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    This is for you if you desire to learn to live and build/run a business according to your own unique design - welcome home

What others are saying:

As the online business landscape continues to shift and evolve, it’s so nice to have a community of business owners who are focused on doing things differently. In Aligned Energetics, we are not creating cookie cutter businesses because those do not work in today’s world. We are creating unique and impactful businesses by following our own intuition and authority. If you’re ready to create an aligned business that feels good to you, then Aligned Energetics is the place for you.

- Natalie

Leah is the MOST amazing leader of Aligned Energetics. Not every coach practices what they preach, but that is what you get with the leader of this group. I'm obsessed with how this membership is helping transform not only the direct sales community, but anybody that is selling any type of product or service or transformation. Leah's trainings and her guest trainings in here truly help you to run your business in aligned way. I honestly feel like this membership is worth $300 or more a month (and probably will cost that much in the future) so joining now is a HUGE value. I HIGHLY recommend jumping in to join us!!!!

- Allison