Aligned Energetics

A membership for network marketers and online entrepreneurs who want to break the rules to pave their own path in business

Aligned Energetics

A membership for network marketers and online entrepreneurs who want to break the rules to pave their own path in business

Are you looking to ...

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    Create a business that feels easy and fun instead of difficult and draining

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    Attract dream team and clients without cold messaging and treating everyone you meet as a prospect

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    Break free of all the rules & the “shoulds”, but the thought of doing that makes you feel anxious and fearful

You're in the right place! Sign up for Aligned Energetics, a membership for network marketers and online entrepreneurs wanting to pave their own path in bussiness.

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So what if I told you could you actually feel good about networking marketing and do it in a way that you feel in control of your journey?

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Welcome to Aligned Energetics in Network Marketing ~ a membership container designed to help you do just as it says:

Align your energy in a way that feels good for you in your business:  in order to manifest your dream reality, step into your most abundant self, and to simply be able to enjoy every moment of your life and business - because ultimately, this is why we decided to join network marketing, isn’t it?!

Whether you are brand new to Network Marketing, or are a seasoned veteran with a full time (or larger) business ~ this space can be for you. Although we will be talking about the skills, tips & tricks to help you run your business, this is not what this container is about. There are many other amazing resources out there where you can learn those things. This container is about helping you to determine which skills, tasks, & ways of doing business resonate with you. This is about learning how to align your energy in a way that will help you prevent burnout, quit the hustle, and just work the way you want to work BUT STILL SEE THE RESULTS. We will be diving into different topics such as human design, manifestation, energetics, spirituality, breathwork, self-worth/self-love, and SO much more.


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What's Included?

We are starting on Facebook! We will have a community of support and connection. We will also have several group calls per month focusing on different topics. Finally, we will have bi-weeky/monthly masterclasses by guest trainers who will be educating and empowering us on their area of expertise. This will be a beautiful container where we can explore, expand and energize ourselves, and create magic and joy in our lives and business!

With each membership, you get 6-months unlimited access to our exclusive content-packed Facebook Group. You can cancel your membership anytime after 6-months.


what you will receive (energetically) when entering this container:

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    You will feel supported and loved exactly where you are at on your journey, and will feel inspired to create magic to up level your life and business

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    You will be surrounded by a group of likeminded individuals who are in the same energetic space as you

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    You will learn how to take inspired and aligned action, without experiencing pressure from external sources

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    You will attract soulmate clients and team to your space who are excited to work with you

The Why

So, why did I create this container?

I was at a breaking point where I was questioning my network marketing business. I can specifically remember that I started questioning it because I joined a HIGH LEVEL mentorship that I was extremely lucky to be a part of. However, the things that were being taught were not resonating with me at all. I started wondering, is something wrong with me? Am I not meant to be here? Maybe I should do something else? Because honestly, I didn’t feel good doing some of the things we are told we SHOULD do (think things like ~ treating everyone as a prospect, cold messaging 100 plus new people every month, copy & paste posts that weren’t authentic to me, hustle culture, and so on…)

Despite feeling this way, I know I absolutely love the products and program I share, and the team that I am blessed to work with. I love building genuine relationships, I love inspiring others through holistic health & wellness. I do not ever want to leave this space. So as you can see, I was “stuck” in a predicament; I was loving what I do, but not loving how it’s conventionally done. Then, as the universe does, I received a sign of what I needed to do. I connected with my now incredible business coach who dove deep with me into human design and connecting with my own energy and my most aligned self. I realized I was right, there is another way to do business, there is nothing wrong with me. It’s okay that I am different, being different and unique is what makes us human. I realized that I can utilize human design along with other energetic and spiritual tools to not only create the business of my dreams, but the life of my dreams.

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Now, I want to help you to do the same. Network marketing/direct sales is an incredible business model, and I truly believe it can be for anyone if they build their business in a way that is aligned for them. There are a lot of “shoulds” in this industry - “you should do this to be successful”, “you should do this or you’ll fail”. So instead of listening to all the noise in the external world, let’s work together here to find what works for us and our most aligned self.

We all started our own business for different reasons but deep down I believe that there is, in all of us, the goal of living an aligned life that is joyful and enjoyable in every moment. When we are aligned is when we attract abundance in every form; wealth, happiness, friendships, love, opportunities, lessons… etc. It sounds so simple and it is, yet it also feels so out of reach. That is because the world has conditioned us to believe differently - but when we come back to ourselves is when we create MAGIC.

But, is this right for me?

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    If you are in network marketing/direct sales ~ you need to be in here

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    But also - anyone who is an online coach, & really anyone who is an entrepreneur and is interested in doing things differently, in breaking free from the “shoulds”, from societal constraints, from believing things need to be hard in order to get to where you want to be, & breaking free from everything people have been telling you is right or wrong for your entire life → there is space for you here too.

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    I am welcoming anyone here - if you love to hustle and that is your magic, I WELCOME YOU! This container is about diversity, and shuffling through ALL the things to find what feels good for you!

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    This container is about finding your purpose & finding your alignment, so you can enjoy every moment of your life and business

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    I want to help you reduce burnout and dislike in and for your business, and increase your love towards it!

The Investment

Aligned Energetics

We are building this from the GROUND UP BABY! Founding members will be able to join this container for an ABUNDANTLY AFFORDABLE INVESTMENT of only $11 per month (with a 6 month commitment = $66)

You will have a say on what we learn, what guest trainers we bring in, & most importantly, where we go from here!

If you have absolutely any questions - shoot me an email or DM me on Instagram <3

See you soon in Aligned Energetics ~ I am so grateful to have you here!

One-Time Payment



*Provides you with 6-months access


$11 x 6 months


*Requires minimum 6-month commitment