A Perspective on Alignment


And a (somewhat) mid-year review… 

I truly believe that reflecting is such an important thing to do every once in a while. This is especially true before starting something new or continuing down a path that just isn’t feeling right. I wrote a blog post at the start of 2022 where I share a more structured way to reflect and set intentions and if you haven’t read it yet ~ I highly recommend (I also have a free downloadable E-book with beautiful prompts to help you out), you can find that here

However, I am looking at life and business from a different perspective at this time. Not because I don’t believe in the structured format that I shared before, but because I feel that I and we need to add another level to our reflection process. 

That new level is the energetics behind it all:

I’ll be honest, I had been feeling off for the better part of the first half of the year. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why though. I had been investing in a WHOLE LOT of personal development courses and coaches outside of my current network marketing team. I love expanding my knowledge and my skill set, and of course my mindset. But, I was noticing that I felt like something was missing and even with all of the investments I made, it was getting worse. 

Then I realized ~ I was feeling out of alignment. I wasn’t feeling good in my current business, I wasn’t aligned with some of the things that were being taught in my different personal development courses and by my coaches. To note, this is not to tear anyone down. This was a beautiful learning experience. It wasn’t until I started working with my current coach Allison (@youdowoo – check her out, she’s amazing) that I realized all of this. Allison helped me learn more about my Human Design and how I can determine what does or does not feel good to me. 

Even deeper, I now realized I had been investing both my time and money into too many different places, because I was simply trying to find someone to tell me what to do to create the success I wanted in both my business and my personal life. Can you resonate with this?! There is so much outside noise, so many people we see IRL and on social media who seem to have it all together and you think, OK just tell me what to do and I’ll do it! And I did that, but surprise – nothing quite worked for me. I couldn’t figure out why at first, I was doing everything all of these successful people were doing, why isn’t it working for me? But as I said, I finally realized that I wasn’t enjoying the tasks, I wasn’t having fun, it wasn’t feeling good and this was because I was out of alignment with how I wanted to build the life and business of my dreams. 

You see, we all define success differently, we all define work differently. We all have different tasks that we love to do and that we don’t love all that much. We all have things that just don’t feel right and some that just do. I am here to tell you that it is okay. You can still create an EPIC life and business doing things completely different from your upline, from your sidelines, & from those million dollar earners who you are constantly watching. I will even go so far to tell you that you must do things differently if you want to have the success you seek. Like I said, we all define success differently, no two of us are exactly the same, so why are we all trying to copy each other? 

It’s time for a reflection

So in my own personal review and reflection of the first half of 2022, I have realized that my next steps are to get back into alignment with who I am, but also with my highest self and who I know her to be. I wanted to share with you some prompts you can use to help determine two things: if you are out of alignment, and if so, how to get back into it. This is for you whether you are in network marketing, a solo business owner, in a career, or literally at any place in your life. 

Are you out of alignment?

First you may ask, what does it even mean to be in or out of alignment?? To me, it means that your highest self, the universe, God (whichever you choose to name it) and the way you are living is on the same page. Your highest self was put here on Earth for a reason, and you have just been conditioned through the world around you, so the logical thing to do is come back to that reason. If you feel content, satisfied, peaceful, in flow, joyful, grateful, and in love – you are aligned with your purpose. If not – you won’t feel good. You will have low energy, you will be angry and upset, distressed, fearful, anxious, unfulfilled, stuck, etc. If you tune in, you will intuitively feel it. To sum it up, being in alignment means doing all the things that make you feel good & put you in a high vibrational state. 

Here are some prompts to help you dig a little deeper: 

What are my highest values in life at this present moment? 

What are the things that truly bring me joy? Am I doing these things enough? 

Am I saying yes to things I’d rather say no to? How can I shift so I can instead, say yes to more things that I want to say yes to? 

Now if you are completely living in alignment, I am SO proud of you. Please DM so we can chat more about this and how you are doing it! (and keep reading for an exciting announcement I could use your expertise with!) 

If you are not, no need to worry, I know for a fact most of us are not living in complete alignment – but we CAN. It takes some work and inner exploration, deconditioning and unlearning, but once you figure it out, you’ll realize it’s not hard. 

Click here to read another past blog post on how to step into your most aligned self today for some extra steps and exploration into who you are meant to be <3 

And now for the exciting part:

A GIANT ANNOUNCEMENT IS HERE! Welcome to Aligned Energetics in Network Marketing 

This membership container is for anyone in network marketing who is feeling out of alignment in their business, who isn’t enjoying the process, who feels like they are doing all the work but getting nowhere, or, who maybe isn’t doing any of the work because they don’t resonate with what they’re taught. 

Read more and explore the membership container here – if it lights you up, please come join us <3 

And as always, if you have any questions or would love to chat about this, contact me or send me a DM over on Instagram, I’d love to connect with you personally! 

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