In The Healthstyle Emporium, we have decided to partner with an incredible whole food nutrition product. This is to ensure our clients have all pillars of holistic health covered - to be sure they are flooding their bodies with the nutrition it needs!


JuicePlus+ is not a magic pill, but it does create magic inside your body at a cellular level! The JuicePlus+ bundles include a trio of fruits, vegetables, and berries which are picked at the peak of ripeness and then flash frozen, blended, dehydrated into a powder and stored in a vegan capsule. JP+ also includes vegan omega capsules taken straight from the source (no more yucky fish taste, and saves the fish while we’re at it)! The bundles also include the complete line – a way to add extra protein, carbs, vitamins, and enzymes to your diet! Finally, Tower Garden by JuicePlus+ is a state of the art hydroponic gardening system that allows you to grow produce inside and/or out year round (no matter the weather)!

JP+ is the most researched nutraceutical of its kind – so you know you’re getting the best products on the market!

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Ready to sign up?

You can mix and match products to individualize your bundle so it is best suited for your health and wellness goals. Contact me for more information or check out the JP+ website to explore your options! The HSE comes FREE alongside your purchase for as little as $11 per week (CAD).

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What is the Healthstyle Emporium?

Our 16-week holistic health program. Click here for all the info!

How much does it cost to get started?

You can get started in The Healthstyle emporium with the purchase of your own whole food bundle for as little as about $11 per week (depending on what country you are from!)

Where do I have to live to be involved?















New Zealand









United Arab Emirates



Do I have to purchase the products in order to be a part of the community?

To gain and retain access to The HSE platform you do need to have an active product order.

When we decided to partner with JP+ we made the decision based on our intention for this full holistic health program... and that was to ensure our members had all realms of wellness covered when they work with us. We are very passionate about providing the full circle holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of all our members. With that being said, your client might watch all the educational webinars on balancing hormones, mental health, spirituality etc. They might do the mindset audios daily, they might follow the exercise guides... but if they're not following the fundamental principle and food methodology around nourishing their cells with high quality nutrition... then we have a failed program. That’s where our amazing partner products play such a huge part of that vision and mission. We know that your clients are going to love the results from our nutritional support, and when you are physically nourished, there's sooo much more time, energy and mental space to expand into more movement, spiritual and wellness practices with us.

By our clients taking the products, we know their bodies are being nourished the way they should be both emotionally (the program), and physically (the products).

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Is The Healthstyle Emporium a pyramid scheme?

The short answer is NO - The Healthstyle Emporium is NOT a pyramid scheme. Babes in Business is also NOT a pyramid scheme. But let us explain a little further.

Pyramid schemes, also known as Ponzi schemes, were made illegal in the 90’s, so this is definitely not what we do! This is a viable, willable and legitimate business model. These "pyramid schemes" are frowned upon because they are essentially financial scams, and yes, there are some still floating about out there – which is sad. They rely on people to buy in anywhere from $500 upwards, where the recruiter gets paid purely off the back of recruiting these people, without exchange of goods or services in return.

Essentially, a pyramid scheme is: you invest your money, you get no service or product in return.

You then recruit others to also invest money and throw it into a kitty, then they recruit, and those people also recruit ... eventually the person at the top takes the kitty of moolah when a certain amount of people have invested in, & your left without a return on your cash investment until you teach your team to find enough recruits to invest their cash. Once your team reaches a certain amount of money, you cash out... and that goes on and on and on.

That's a Pyramid Scheme, where there is no exchange of goods or services in return for the investment.

Anyone who joins us as a client in The Healthstyle Emporium gets amazing value with our 16-week online health and wellness program, The HSE, and partner products Juice Plus+, plus they get access to their very own wellness coach to keep them accountable to their goal and other health professionals for free.

Our Babes in Business (also known as the wellness coaches inside The Healthstyle Emporium team) get access to coaches, personal development, weekly trainings, mentors and business systems that can help them build their own business with The HSE, to help them find the level of success they’re looking for.

No financial scams here... you become part of our team and it’s our obligation to help you win! To join the business, it’s a whopping $50 USD / $50 CAD / £50/ €50 / $165 AUD / $172 NZD). Yep. That’s it. We’re in over 30 countries, so if you’re wanting to know the cost for your country it’s easy to find out. That gets you your administration website to run your business, email and phone support with our head office team, & so much more. There’s no other financial investment. A Ponzi Scheme is usually around $500 - $5,000 or more to join. Ponzi schemes rely on large start up costs to bring in finance, and then they deliver nothing in return, which is nothing like what we are doing.

Plus...pretty sure we can’t rip you off with $50!!

Above answer Copyright - Babes Talking Business 2020

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