The Most Important Relationship in Your Life


The most important relationship, is YOU.


The month of love.

I think we all have a skewed version of Valentine’s Day. Some love it because they get to spoil their significant others. Some hate it because it has turned into a commercial holiday. Some get straight up sad because they may not have a partner to celebrate with. Regardless of how you feel about this holiday, I’m here to show you that the most important relationship you can work on, is you.

As a child, I loved who I was – I was a confident queen who didn’t give an F about what people said or did. But as we grow, the world and our experiences mold us into thinking otherwise, wouldn’t you agree? The world will try to quiet us down, to condition us to be like everyone else. To believe the most important things are to go to school, get a good job, buy a house, and start a family.

Yet, we are NOT all the same. I am here to empower YOU to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day. Whether you are in a relationship or not. Wherever you are at in your journey. Your relationship with YOU is and will always be the most important. You spend every waking and sleeping moment with you, so it’s time to start showing yourself some extra kindness, and today is the perfect day to start.

Wherever you are on your self-love journey, this is for you.

Once upon a time, I allowed myself to be silenced by the relationships around me. I allowed myself to feel unworthy and belittled. However once I found my voice again, everything changed. I attracted relationships that I never thought were possible. I learned that I am in fact enough, I am the most important person in the world. I say this not to brag, but to show you that it is possible for you too. YOU are the most important person in your world, and once you start to portray that, you will manifest greatness.

How you can start building a better relationship with you today:

  • Put yourself first: If you are single OR in a relationship – take yourself out for dinner, buy yourself flowers, spoil yourself with a shopping spree, something to thank yourself for being you. Whatever today looks like for you – even if you have a big night planned with your significant other, do something for you (even if it’s just buying yourself a cute cupcake for example). Just like you need to take care of and show love for any of the other relationships in your life, you also need to do the same for yourself.

  • Fuel your body, mind, and soul: feed your body with the nutrients it needs, move your body in a way you love, read or listen to something that will help improve your life. It’s important that you are spending time giving your body, mind, and soul the things that will help it thrive – and by doing the above, these are some ways to show yourself love AND to manifest more love into your life.
    • Sometimes as well – rest, Netflix, and junk food could be what you need. Listen to yourself – you know you better than anyone else, don’t let the world tell you that stuff is NOT OK sometimes. An important reminder though – it is all about the balance of those two things.

  • Write a love letter to yourself: Set up a yummy smelling candle, get in a comfy place, and write a letter to YOU. Talk about all of the things you love about yourself, like your gorgeous smile, your caring personality, your kindness, your work ethic, your stretch marks. And after each thing – tell yourself WHY. For example, I love my smile because it brightens others days. I love my stretch marks because they remind me of what my body is capable of. Spread the love for you!

These are three tips that you can implement today to show yourself some love for Valentine’s Day. You can also use these to pamper yourself with a self-love day any time of the year. And if you are on your self-love journey, whether you’re just getting started, or you’re absolutely in love with yourself – The HSE is a beautiful place to learn more about creating a life you love. Learn more here or apply to work with me as your coach and accountability buddy!

And a reminder for you: you are loved, you are enough, you are beautiful, and you are worthy of living the life you dream of. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or whatever your situation – this applies to you. Never let the world tell you who you should be or what you should be doing. Only you get to decide that.

Sending you all so much love today,

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