New Year Resolutions are BS


There was a time when I struggled to follow through with my new year resolutions. We have a tendency to set these goals or resolutions for ourselves, and then give up on them or let them fall away, or to struggle through the change. Has there ever been a time when you had the absolute best intentions, just to find yourself back in the same old slump, back to that same mindset a few months into the year??

Read on, this is for you.

If you know me, you know I’m all about goal setting & vision casting. However, I don’t agree with new year resolutions. That’s because based on the statistics, about 80% of new year resolutions fail. People do not follow through with them. But why is that??

There are several reasons I believe these resolutions fail. I think one of the main reasons is the hype around setting resolutions this time of year. We are bombarded by social media and different influencers/brands that preach about setting goals this time of year, and a “New Year New Me” BS statement. Some make you feel bad for falling off your goals, some inspire you to be better because this is “the perfect time” to start. If these are your reasons for wanting to “change” in the new year, you will not be successful – you are doing it because other people are telling you to, not because you want to. Another reason is that sense of this being “the perfect time”. This is BS because it’s just not true. If you are waiting for the perfect time, it will never come. You might start thinking this is it – but then you wait for January 1st, and something happens, so you push back your goals another week because, you have the time. But then something else gets in the way, and pushes back your goals another month or two. Until the cycle repeats and in one year from now – you are in the exact same place as you are right now.

And if you’re reading this, I know that’s not where you want to be. You have a vision for who you want to be and what you want to be doing at this time next year. Typical new year resolutions are not going to help with this. But getting clear on what you want and mapping out HOW you can actually get there is what will.

In order to cast a proper vision for yourself and actually become that version of you, it is imperative that you do the following:

  • Get clear on EXACTLY what you want: What are you doing? How are you living? What are you saying no to? What are you saying yes to? Who are you spending time with? How are you spending your time, money, energy? You must get crystal clear on what your goals are in order to create that for yourself. It’s important to determine what you want to release and leave behind, and what new (or old) habits you’d love to bring and keep with you into your fresh start. An important reminder here: you don’t have to completely change yourself this year. You can have small or massive visions for the year ahead – envision what feels best for you and what you want this year. These goals can also be related to different parts of your life. Organize them based on different topics such as business/career, lifestyle, health and wellness, fun and adventure, relationships, etc.

  • Change your mindset: another reason why new year resolutions fail is because we fail to realize that in order to make changes, we first need to CHANGE ourselves. You cannot step into a new level of you by being the same person you are right now. 2021 Leah and her habits/who she is, will not reach the person I want to be until I change into 2022 Leah first. Your mindset goes first, and your physical life will follow. This is where the saying, “Act as if” and “Be as if” comes into play. It means that in order to step into a new level, or to crush your goals, you need to act as and be that person first. Your goals/manifestations have no choice but to catch up. Ask yourself, who am I when I am at this goal?? And then act like it.

  • Take ACTION – You can imagine and vision cast all you want… but you will never get there until you take the required action.
    • What do you need to do to reach that specific income goal, that health goal, that relationship goal, that personal goal?
    • Put this into your calendar. Break down your goals into smaller steps that you can take each season, each month, each week, then each day.
    • Reflect. Each month, check in with your goal. Are you on track, do you need to edit, to pivot, to make it bigger?? Change as needed. And keep working.

Before any of this can occur, I firmly believe that we need to take some time with ourselves to reflect on the past – what went right, what went wrong, what lessons we learned, and what we are most grateful for. As well as look ahead to what we want most in the future – what we are looking most forward to and how we want to feel. Journaling can be a great tool to take tangible action on these reflections and ideas. Download your Reflections & Intentions E-Book to help you set yourself up for the year ahead (and this can be used every single year, or any time you want to start something new).

Today is the day you can change your life. Whenever you’re reading this (it doesn’t have to be January 1st) – take action by reflecting, setting intentions, and then getting to work by taking action on your goals! I am so excited to work with new clients this year to help YOU work through any wellness or business related goals – fill out my client or business intake form depending on your goals. I can’t wait to work with you to make this year EPIC!

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