Change is hard. And why that is okay.


Have you ever noticed that when you try to make big changes in your life – whatever those changes may be related to – that it’s easy at first, but once you continue to follow through, you revert back to bad habits?

Let’s use procrastination as an example –

(because this one is near and dear to me and so many others I know). Say, we want to stop procrastinating. YAYYYY, good on you and your decision to stop being a procrastinator! You have this big paper due next week. You try your hardest to create and organize time in your schedule for things that need to be done in order to write this paper. It works for a few days, but then you start pushing off those tasks because something more important came along.

And you’re right back where you were before, procrastinating and anxious.

Does this sound familiar?

That’s because change is a lot more difficult and involved than simply making the decision to change – that’s just the first step.

A lot of the things we want to change about ourselves are actually beliefs and habits that are embedded in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious is the part of our brain that we have no control over, but has a huge amount of control over us.

Our past beliefs and habits are nothing to blame.

Instead, they should be acknowledged when they do come up or appear in our lives. THEN, once we find out what these habits and past beliefs are, we can work to rewire them, let them go, and change them into something new. These beliefs are in our subconscious minds because of the fact that they have helped us at some point in the past. Using our procrastination example, it could be something as simple as the fact that personally, I received good grades even when I waited until the last minute to do my work in school. This embedded a belief that I don’t need to finish things early, because it doesn’t really matter (it’s easier instead to wait until the last minute). If I want to change this, I need to first acknowledge the fact that yes, this belief helped me at one point in the past. However, it will no longer serve the leader and business entrepreneur that I am becoming. Or, whatever it is you are trying to change – tell yourself “This belief / habit is no longer going to serve the person I am becoming. Thank you for helping me survive in the past, but I don’t need you anymore”.

Therefore in order to change, we need to first realize that it is going to be a lot more difficult than simply wanting to make the changes.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you determine the best next steps to take when trying to subconsciously rewire your brain and past beliefs, and make tangible changes in your life:

~ Are you willing to make the changes that you are wanting to make, are you willing to put in the hard work to become the version of you that you are wanting to become?

~ What is this belief or habit telling you? (how has this helped serve you in the past?)

~ Why is this belief or habit not going to serve you anymore? Why do you need to change it?

Once you realize what it is that is holding you back and WHY, and determine that you are actually ready to change, then you can finally start to implement change into your life.

Let’s face it, not everyone is going to get off their ass and make changes. Because (as you can see) it’s easier to sit on your butt and live life the way you always have. It’s comfortable. But that’s not always better. You see, comfortable is fine. But its boring. Its uninspiring with a lack of motivation. It makes you feel stuck. And if you’re reading this, I know you’re someone who doesn’t want that life.

Once you decide you want to change – the next best step is to find someone to work with who will keep you accountable! I know for me, it has always been significantly more difficult to follow through with anything with only my own accountability. That’s one huge reason why I personally joined The Healthstyle Emporium, as well as why I am now a coach in the program. I loved the accountability I received, and now it is my passion to help others just like you, make those changes in your life. Whether you want to change your current physical or mental health situation, or maybe you’re looking to change your career or find inspiration in your life – you are in the right place. Contact me to work with me and let me help you make the changes you are so desperately wanting to make.

Here’s to change and becoming that best version of you!

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