4 Steps to Help You Become Your Most Aligned Self, and Why the World Needs You to:


For a long time, society has been telling us that we have to follow these certain set of rules and standards: don’t do this, do that, don’t be this, be that…. conditioning to be or act a certain way because it is what is considered “normal” and “standard” and “the right way to behave”. I’m not sure about you, but I have always felt different. I felt like I didn’t fit in to a lot of societies standards. Like I was constantly trying to live up to what was expected of me — however it either didn’t feel right or the standards changed.

This went for things such as education and careers, like going to university and getting a good job. For health and wellness, and what type of diet you should be on or what type of exercise you should be doing. For how you should dress and how you should look, what size was most appropriate and what clothes you should wear so people don’t look at you strange. For how you should form relationships and with whom, and how you should handle said relationships. And even how you should behave in certain situations, like how to stand up for yourself, but at the same time make sure you’re still following along with your conditioning as to not make others feel uncomfortable.

And so on… I think you get the picture. I’ve learned through my own life experiences and coaching programs how I function most optimally in my life. Surprise!! It’s not the way I am expected to based on the standards that are set for me as a modern woman in society.

It took me a long time, but I finally realized that is OK. It’s okay to function differently than others. And do you know why that is?? Because we are actually ALL unique. Societal constraints are something that we humans have created – meaning, they are not real! I have been exploring a lot into human design recently and it has blown my mind. I am no expert so if you really want to learn about who you are and WHY you were put on this Earth, please look into that if you haven’t already. Human design however, isn’t helpful for everyone. We are all unique beings, and what resonates for some, may not resonate for others. Whether you explore human design, astrology, religious teachings, or the infinite number of other methods that are out there, just know that you were created for a reason, put in this world, in this body, in this moment, for a reason. Once you realize this fact, your path will shift in the best way possible.

So how can you actually step into that most aligned version of you??

As all things are, it is easier said than done, but I am here to provide some tips on how you can begin to do this TODAY:

  • Find out who you are actually here to be: This may sound intense and difficult, but this is the easy part. Grab a piece of paper, get into a beautiful headspace (throw on some music, sit in silence, lay on your cozy couch – whatever it is that works best for you), and write!! Clear your mind absolutely of everything and just dream. What would you be doing right now, what would your complete life look like if you had NO RESTRICTIONS. Do not allow your previous conditioning to get in the way here. Let go of what you think you are supposed to do, what you think you are supposed to love – whether that be by societal standards, or what others, or even yourself, want you to do and love. Think of what you ACTUALLY LOVE: get clear on this and what you would be doing without these thoughts getting in your way.
  • Accept your path: Now this one appears easy…. but once you realize what your biggest dreams are, and what those things are that you truly love — it is time to start living them. If you are living completely out of alignment, however, this might feel like an impossible feat. That’s because it will probably feel like you want to uproot your entire life, that you want to change everything. Yet, that is not what I am suggesting here — instead I am suggesting to take a small step each day, to start living more and more by your unique design.
  • Practice Gratitude: This is a small, but crucially important step. Gratitude is the highest frequency we can experience as human beings. In order to attract your aligned self and things into your life, you need to start showing gratitude for what you already have. If you can’t handle what you have, why would the universe give you any more?
  • Take inspired action: This is where you start to implement those small steps I mentioned into your daily life. As I said, you do not need to uproot your whole life — but start with one aspect at a time. Maybe you realized that you aren’t meant to be in the career that you’re in. OK cool, now that you know that, start exploring what you do love. Do you want to start your own business, do you want to get a new job or whole new career? Explore the possibilities. Take some courses, join a program, get yourself a coach. DO NOT quit your job right away. You can still work on your aligned life while doing other things. As I said, it is all about the small steps. Inspired action means making a move — it means that you need to stop waiting around for life to happen, but to instead make things happen yourself. Start to say “yes” to the things you want to say yes to, and saying “no” to things that do not authentically align, that do not light you up inside.

These 4 steps are not the be all end all, but they are how you can START living your most aligned life TODAY. These are the actions you need to begin taking in order to step into who you are truly meant to be.

You were put on this Earth, in this body, in this moment, at the exact time that you were because you were meant to. Once you choose to accept that, that is when the real beauty of life begins. The world needs you to live in your alignment because of this simple fact — that is what you were designed to do. And once you start living more aligned, not only will your life get better, but you will also improve the lives of all of those around you.

I understand this is no easy task. If this post made you feel inspired, empowered, or even a little scared — that is amazing. That means that you are ready to take that next step into living your most aligned life. In The HSE, I will help empower you to find what that means for you through holistic lifestyle changes. Contact me to learn more about how to join me in this program!

Love and light,

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